Help for Smokers

Stop smoking before it stops you!

Lynchburg Pulmonary Associates is dedicated to help those who need extra attention when it comes to trying to stop smoking. It is our dream that this would be an easy task, however as you may already know it is anything but. Our team has designed this site to help you customize the best way that will allow you to achieve smoking cessation.

How to start kicking butt

Begin with an action plan that involves a list of personal reasons for quitting. Once you see the reasons written down, you will feel the desire to stop increase.

List your smoking triggers. For example, after a meal, at a bar or around other smokers. Some suggestions would be to plan something else to do after dinner, avoid other smokers and certain places while your trying to kick the habit. You may need to think about what it is that puts you in your smoking comfort zone and reestablish a new, smoke-free comfort zone. Also, should you need a stronger coping technique, see your physician for any medical/drug intervention. We wish you lots of support and feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

Try these other sources for more information on kicking the smoking habit

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